Measuring Quality

You deserve to know how your community hospital rates in the quality of care it provides. Our Quality Department has created the following report so you can see how we measure up and learn the many ways Blue Hill Memorial Hospital is working to meet and exceed your expectations. Publicly sharing our quality data shows how dedicated we are to being openly responsible for our results and gives you the power to hold us accountable for our performance. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to clinical excellence and outstanding service.

Click on any item on the right to begin viewing the many "indicators" or "measures" of quality that we monitor and how we compare to the national average when that data is available.  The information will be updated regularly (typically quarterly). If you have questions or concerns, we are happy to speak with you.  At the bottom of each page you will find a link to contact us, or feel free to contact our president and CEO John Ronan, FACHE at 374-3410 or 

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital is proud of its culture of excellence.  We’re serious about making continuous improvements and delivering the safest, highest quality healthcare to you and your family. Please let us know what you think about our efforts and how we can better serve you.